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Taking care of your loved ones – so you can focus on your day

Oasis Daycare offers elderly clients who are living alone or with working family members a safe environment, supervised by trained and experienced healthcare professionals. Providing peace of mind and a practical, low-cost alternative to full time homecare services – ensuring your loved one is not isolated or unsupervised during the day. Oasis Daycare provides experienced caregivers and support services during working hours, enabling clients to reside independently in their own homes or with family after hours. A Safe alternative for elderly relatives needing daytime supervision and/or chronic care support – keeping them within their home environment and their family as long as possible.

Take some time back.

Suitable for caregivers/family members requiring a day’s resprite to enjoy stress and guilt-free Time Out:

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Organizational Ethics


Providing a safe daycare service and home away from home. Keeping families together, taking care of loved ones during working hours while relatives are not available – allowing them to focus on their workday.


Become the elderly daycare provider and training facility of choice in Port Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela Bay region. Opening a new facility every 3 months to accommodate new clients and newly trained Caregivers.

Organizational Ethics

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To reach organization success OHS is built on the foundation of a multi-disciplinary team and customers – strengthened by 6 Pillars of:

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